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TechnoServe is committed to creating and measuring lasting impact.

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We measure the amount of financial benefits we help generate, the number of people and businesses who received financial benefits, and the percent of those that are women. We also measure the amount of financing we have facilitated in the marketplace. Tracking these impact indicators over time helps ensure our continued success.

We use this data to gain insights into our portfolio that inform our work and drive greater impact. Results are one of our core values, which is why we aggregate and publicize the impact of our work on an annual basis.

2018 Results in Brief

In 2018, TechnoServe's work helped transform the lives of 2.3 million people* in 29 countries by targeting improvements in farms, businesses, and industries. Learn more in our Annual Impact Report and the results portal below.
*based on five people per household

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Financial Benefits

$188 million




Finance Mobilized

$10 million


Percent Women



External Evaluations

ImpactMatters confirms high impact and cost-effectiveness of TechnoServe programs. Read Press Release

Whenever possible, TechnoServe leverages external evaluators to conduct independent assessments and evaluate our implementation model.

Learn more about external evaluations of our work.

Results Portal

We invite you to explore the impact we’ve generated across our portfolio. The results portal below presents regional, country and project-level impact. Mouse over the visualization to see more detail, and click to dive deeper. We recommend viewing this page on a tablet screen or larger, or click here for a mobile-friendly view.



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June 25, 2019

Ask a TechnoServe Expert: Kate Scaife Diaz on Impact and Measurement

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December 19, 2018

2018: A Year of Transforming Lives

2018 was a milestone year for TechnoServe. Not only did we mark a half century of impact, but we built upon this legacy by working with thousands of farmers, entrepreneurs, and partners around the world to create opportunity and prosperity. Here are a few of our favorite stories from the year.

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Rigorous Measurement

We are careful to use the most rigorous, cost-efficient methods possible to account for our impact. Our measurement approach ensures that we only report the impact that is attributable to our work. We measure baseline revenue, or the beneficiary's earnings before she started working with us. We use a counterfactual, such as a comparison group, to avoid taking credit for weather, market variations and other variables we cannot control.

TechnoServe recognizes the initiative and enterprising nature of the men and women we support. We take a careful approach to measurement, acknowledging that we supplement their own efforts to increase incomes. We also take into account the complex contexts of our work, where multiple actors are investing in influencing the marketplace. By excluding these factors from our analysis, we are better able to identify how much change we help create.

Since impact measurement informs the way we do business, it is critical that we generate the most complete story of our impact. We use data on our impact to identify successful project models, better understand our portfolio, and learn from projects that failed to drive the impact we expected. We are transparent about the impact all our projects create, whether a success or failure. We believe this transparency can inform greater and more effective programs aimed at reducing poverty, both within TechnoServe and in the broader development community.


2016 Impact Report

Explore our 2016 results and the methods we use to capture ongoing impact.